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Use ziplock What precautions

Rongcheng Wujia Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 26, 2016

Ziplock bag is mainly used for packaging, storage of food, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, frozen food, stamps, etc., moisture, water, pest control, to prevent things scattered, from the inductive effect, to the buyer's specifications neat image, but also can be repeated use touch will tightly sealed, non-toxic, odorless, good flexibility, sealing casual, very convenient. Here to tell you about ziplock Caution:

1. To ensure clean sealing zipper part, if fibers, dust and will reduce the sealing performance, ziplock is recommended with a wet gauze wipe clean and then close the zipper. After closing the zipper slider in your hand clenched seal Dora a few times back and forth to ensure complete sealing rib two buckle into the groove, to ensure the sealing effect. After pumping, check again about the seal to ensure sealing.

2. Use the ziplock pump suction pump rotary screw interfaces in the end, against the suction port of the white rubber gasket to ensure that the interface does not leak, generally require a large ziplock pumping 3-5 minutes, the self-styled bags probably smoke three to five hundred will have significantly lower pumping flat phenomenon.

3. When using the air pump pay attention to continuous pumping, it is best not to pause. Families with vacuum cleaner on the best, that is, labor-saving and convenient. When the cabinet or other place to store, but also pay attention to the storage location has no sharp objects, in order to ensure the integrity of ziplock bag.

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