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How To Identify Whether The Plastic Ziplock Bag Poisonous

Rongcheng Wujia Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

Plastic ziplock bag in our daily life will often see, its use is very wide, can be used to dress food, clothing, electronics and other items. But as we all know, plastic bags are divided into two kinds of toxic and non-toxic, how should we identify them?

Non-toxic plastic bags, which are made of polyethylene, polypropylene and melamine raw materials can be used to hold food; toxic plastic ziplock bag, which are made of vinyl chloride, which can only be used for general packaging , ziplock bag Such as the risk of poisoning with their food packaging.

The plastic bag on the water, and hand pressed to the bottom, wait a moment, surfaced is non-toxic plastic bags, sinking in the bottom is toxic plastic bags.

Hand touching the surface of plastic bags, it is smooth and non-toxic. If the color mixed Meng, touch sticky, astringent, it is toxic.

Shocking plastic bags by hand, the sound laughed  very crisp is non-toxic plastic bags, while the sound dumbfounded or no sound, it is toxic plastic bags.

Burning: the plastic bag cut off the corner, on the fire on a burning, non-toxic burning that is burning, it will continue to burn after leaving the fire, ziplock bag and the emergence of a yellow flame, and the melt like a candle drop down, send out Paraffin odor; toxic, non-flammable, burning green flame, and a choking nasal smell.

Smell: irritating and nauseating and other abnormal odor, ziplock bag mostly toxic, or may be excessive plasticizers or other additives, the quality is poor.

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