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PVC Zipper Bag Is Also A Kind Of Plastic Bags

Rongcheng Wujia Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 09, 2017

PVC zipper bag is also a kind of plastic bags, low toxicity and environmental protection two materials, is made of PVC film processing.

Zipper bags are generally divided into two kinds of flat pockets and three-dimensional bags, today mainly describes the production method of flat pockets.

PVC zipper bag to prepare copper mold, zipper, PVC roll film, with high frequency voltage PVC zipper bag:

First of all, the need to cut the material, the first PVC film split into pieces, need to print the first silk printed, silk screen need to align the location, or else the voltage when the printing may be skewed!

And then is the need for voltage, and put the zipper, turn on the copper mold, mold tuning, the temperature should be appropriate, you can voltage into the finished product, and flat pocket production speed is generally fast, and now have automatic high frequency voltage machine, pressure The speed is faster.

Zipper bag in the pressure process, pay attention to the width of the edge pressure, can not pressure too deep, otherwise there will be burrs. PVC zipper bag is made of PVC material with a PVC zipper made, generally made flat pocket, with two transparent material into the outside can do silk screen, the material can use a variety of transparent, scrub, with color material!

PVC zipper bag production process:

1. set the pattern, do zipper copper mold.

2. cut material, calculate the size, the material cut into zipper bag style, where if you want to silk screen, then put the material is good, silk screen good position.

3. Strand zipper, zipper bought back is a plus a zipper head, where the need for two layers, and then string on the zipper head.

4. Pressure into the finished product, this step is the need to press the zipper and PVC material into a plastic bag, this step need to control the size of the pressure of the press machine, and the distance from the edge, to do the zipper bag edge without burrs, Finishing!

In this way, you can make the zipper bag, the steps are very simple, but in the production process there are many places to note, need to be found in the production process.

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