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Specimen Bag Use Is Very Necessary

Rongcheng Wujia Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2017

In modern medicine, the use of specimen bags become more and more necessary. Why is it so? Why is it that can not be used for us?

First of all, we have a deep understanding of the relevant characteristics of specimen bags, such as what kind of material, what specifications, structure is how and so on. Specimen bags are made of plastic, generally have five small and medium size specifications, pocket sealed, sealed outside the label.

When we use the specimen bag, we first put the specimen into the appropriate bag, the specimen will be sealed after the seal on the closure of the label on the bag, indicating the patient's name, pathology application number, hospital No., the name of the specimen, with the pathology application to send the Department of Pathology.

The label of the specimen bag is very clear, and the packaging specification, so that it can put an end to a lot of medical accidents do not need to promote the operating room and pathology of the unity of cooperation and coordination.

Therefore, we can see that the use of specimen bags is very necessary, the specimen management in the operating room is very important, the previous surgical cut specimens, usually on the abandoned plastic bags or empty bottles, Good mark, focus on the pathology to do pathological examination.

As the label is unclear, the packaging is not standardized often caused by the loss of specimens and errors, and because the pocket seal is not strong, the process of transport caused by inadvertently fixed specimen tilting, resulting in specimen denaturation, pollution surrounding environment, resulting in operating room And the Department of Pathology between the many contradictions, in view of this, the hospital in a one-time specimen bags, for storage specimens, the clinical use, the effect is good.

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