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Standard Clothing Zipper Bag Size Reference

Rongcheng Wujia Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 31, 2017

  Standard clothing zipper bag size reference

  I believe that the clothing industry business for the zipper bag should not be unfamiliar, most of the clothing industry businesses every year there is no demand for custom clothing bags, but for the standard general service zipper bag size size specifications and professional indicators are not very Accurate parameters follow. For this knowledge is still a little lack of understanding. Let Xiaobian to tell you about the following.

  Professional clothing packaging zipper bag in addition to the commonly used size: 20 × 28; 20 × 30; 23 × 32; 25 × 35 these specifications, there are several other clothing bag size size is worth noting 30 × 40; 40 × 50; 5 × 45 size; of course, universal bag size is only suitable for most of the customer's packaging needs.

  Of course, with the shape of the bag, the ratio of the width of the bag, the color of the bag and the color pattern or the manufacturer's logo on the top of the garment bag, etc. In fact, the size of the plastic zipper bag is a very important parameter, the most suitable garment bag The packaging effect of clothing products, clothing protection effects and visual presentation and many other aspects conducive to the final sales. So come to that point is that no matter what kind of material processing, have to start in the scientific design, develop a good size of zipper bag size, which is a point that can not be ignored.

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