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What Are The Advantages Of Medical Ziplock Bag In Device Management?

Rongcheng Wujia Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 21, 2017

  What are the advantages of medical Ziplock Bag in device management?

  Material and method of medical Ziplock Bag

  Material Specifications: The use of high-temperature/Low-temperature dual-use self-sealing paper plastic packaging bag, according to the size of the items purchased in different widths of the model of the flat mouth bag, in order to spare packaging.

  Usage: According to the size of the sterilized items to choose the paper plastic bag, will be according to the routine inspection after the clean and dry items into the self-styled flat pocket, sterilization items should not exceed the sterilization bag length of 3/4, so as to ensure adequate sealing, or easy to cause sterilization bag burst. Sharp instruments first with device protection card sets, the prevention of sharp objects damaged packaging bags, the aseptic state of destruction, the impact of safe use; the orientation should be opposite to the stripping direction, lest the medical staff be stabbed. Peel off the paper and insert it into the bag (the paper can be used as a chemical indicator in the bag), and then glue the seal to mark the sterilization date, validity period, item name and operator number. The sealed sterilization bag is placed in the basket according to the face of the paper, and then in the steam sterilization or ethylene oxide sterilization equipment, it is sterilized according to the routine. After sterilization, the sterilized bag of intact articles is stored and used in the aseptic storage area. Before use check to confirm the sterilization process indicating the discoloration of the identification: the steam before sterilization is blue, after sterilization is gray black, ethylene oxide before sterilization is pink, after sterilization is brown.

  Advantages of medical Ziplock Bag

  Application of self-made paper plastic sterilization bag packaging single piece of equipment or small combination of equipment, standardize the management of clinical small surgical instruments, the implementation of the device one-person-one-use elimination system to ensure that the operation of the use of goods sufficient reserves and safe use. Self-made paper plastic packaging bag side for transparent plastic surface, one side for paper, through the plastic surface can be intuitive package content, easy to identify, in the packaging bag seal has been marked sterilization date, expiration date and other information, convenient for clinical medical staff directly check, reduce the chance of hand touch. The shelf life of the goods after sterilization is affected by many factors, such as the performance and quality of packaging materials, tightness of sealing, storage environment and so on. The paper-plastic bag material can prolong the effective period of sterile articles because of its ability to prevent microbial invasion. But in practice, often because of the failure of paper-plastic packaging sealing, is tantamount to sterilization failure, the goods must be sterilized, resulting in human and material waste. Self-sealing paper plastic seal is made of polypropylene transparent film and special glue bonding treatment, good sealing, avoid improper sealing caused by the opening of the packaging mouth.

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