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Ziplock Bag Moisture-proof Non-toxic Tasteless

Rongcheng Wujia Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 05, 2017

Ziplock Bag  is a kind of packing bag which can be sealed automatically. Common have compact bag, keel bag, zipper bag and so on. Self-proclaimed bag (also known as compact bag, bone bag, sealed bag, zipper bag, keel bag, polyethylene (LDPE) and High-voltage type polyethylene (LLDPE) through blown film molding, eager mechanism bag, made of a reusable plastic bag can be sealed.

A sealed bag made of polyethylene (LDPE), is a kind of green products, durable, reusable, can be printed advertising, Mark Head, can do the refrigerator fresh-keeping bag, the use of a long period.

Self-proclaimed bag: Mainly used in product packaging, storage of food, jewelry, drugs, cosmetics, frozen food, products and so on, moisture-proof, waterproof, pest control, to prevent the scattering of things, play a inductive role, to the buyer neat standard image, but also can be reused, lightly a press will be sealed airtight, non-toxic tasteless, good flexibility, sealed free , very convenient.

Self-sealing bag can be used for a variety of small items (jewelry, small hardware, toys) inside and outside the packaging. With food-grade raw materials produced by the self-styled bag can store a variety of small food, tea, seafood and so on, moisture-proof, chuanwei, waterproof, pest control, to prevent the spread of things; the self-styled bag can also be used for clothing and other daily necessities of packaging, widely used. Self-sealing bag in the film production when the addition of Anti-Static Masterbatch can produce anti-static self-proof bag, generally used in the electronics industry.

Production process

The production of the chain-holder bag is divided into two kinds, one is the direct blown film molding, since the sealing above is generally 1.8CM, the self-proclaimed mouth near the thick, the left and right side of the bag by the hot sealing way to make a finished product; the other is a method of the rear-clamping chain, the latter is mainly used in the production of composite bags.

Self-adhesive bag production is mainly the use of monolithic film cutting, hot seal on both sides, the bag positive and negative length, one side than the other side of the long 3-5cm can be retraced, the back part of stickers affixed to the adhesive, destructive glue, such as the use of plastic cover on the tear on the colloid can be sealed.

The following are the common specifications and dimensions of the clamping bag, the thickness is generally 0.03mm, also known as 3 silk, 3s, also has 0.03mm~0.2mm, can produce different thickness according to different needs.

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