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Ziplock Bag Production Process And Purchase Skills

Rongcheng Wujia Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 27, 2017

Ziplock Bag of production technology and buy skills is what? With the widespread use of Ziplock Bag , more and more people began to understand Zifeng Dai, but for the Ziplock Bag  knowledge is not a lot, so here we need to understand the Ziplock Bag  of production technology and buy skills is what The What about the production process and the buying technique of the self-contained packaging bag is as follows:

What is the production process of Ziplock Bag ?

The production of Ziplock Bag  is divided into two kinds, one is direct blown film molding, self-styled mouth is generally 1.8CM, self-styled mouth is relatively thick, zombie bags on both sides of the use of eager sealing method bag into the finished product; A method for the chain of the attached chain, the latter method is mainly used for the production of composite bags. Self-adhesive Ziplock Bag,  production is mainly using single film cross-cutting, both sides of the heat sealing, bag positive and negative length, while the other side of the side 3-5cm can be folded back part of the fold back part of the stickers, Sex gum and other colloids, when used to tear the colloid on the plastic mask can be folded back to seal the bag.

What is the purchase of Ziplock Bag ?

Often shopping if there is no plastic bags, I believe we will find one of the inconvenience, and now every shopping place will have a lot of plastic bags, these bags are good or worse, more or less, but give people's life to bring the Large convenience. But in these plastic bags, many people found that there are some plastic bags on the corporate propaganda slogan and image, and this plastic bag is specially tailored.

1. Determine the quality of the vest bag from the color. Colorful plastic bags are usually toxic, and the more serious the more serious color, Hangzhou plastic bags, especially in black. But this approach is not 100% accurate, and sometimes need to cooperate in other aspects of plastic vest to determine the situation.

2. From the feel to determine the quality of plastic bags. The surface of the non-toxic vest bag is smooth and feels as if it were waxed; instead, the toxic plastic bag feels so smooth and sticky.

Trembling vest. Hand to catch the vest bag two grips, forced trembling vest bag, the sound of the sound of the announcement compared to loud words, then clear the bag non-toxic, noise dull will have to be careful.

4. Plastic self-styled bag, sedimentation method. The plastic bag into the water, and then let go, can naturally float is non-toxic, and can not float up, then toxic.

5. Incineration method. Non-toxic plastic bags are flammable, because the incineration, so there will be no drawing of the situation, but quickly melt into tears. Toxic plastic bags are not simply burned, because the burning is not abundant, and even can be drawn.

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