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Zipper Bag Custom Design Advice

Rongcheng Wujia Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 31, 2017

  Zipper bag custom design advice

  A good costume zipper bag is not only reflected in the material process, but also with the early zipper bag design is closely related to the following analysis of clothing zipper bag design six points for learning reference.

  Point one, set the total tone: we in the zipper bag packaging content and the use of a full understanding of the object, the first to set a total tone. Packaging color of the whole feeling is luxurious or simple; and then according to hue, brightness, purity and color to the basic characteristics of a detailed expression, such as tone, dark tone, cold, warm and so on.

  Points Second, the color area: In addition to hue, brightness, purity, the color area is a direct impact on the size of the important elements of color. Large area of color in the packaging furnishings have a long-range visual effect, is to attract consumers to the front of the list elements. In addition, when the two colors are too strong, try to not change the hue, purity and brightness and expand or narrow the area between a certain color to achieve harmony to reach the overall tone of the stability.

  Points three, the emphasis on the use of color: focus on the color is the total color in the use of color, is the area factor and visual contact with the thinking of color. Usually require the brightness and purity than the surrounding color, the area will be less than the surrounding color, otherwise it will not focus on the role.

  Four points, the use of color: Gradient color is gradually changing the color, hue, brightness and purity can be used to change gradually. Gradient color has a harmonious and rich color effect, in the PE zipper bags, PVC zipper bags, clothing zipper bag color processing in the use of more.

  Point five, logo color use: here is not referring to the company LOGO and brand logo color, but with a specific regional color differences are not the same type, or similar types of clothing bags with different colors.

  Point six, anti-color use: This is relative to the product tone, is the overall tone or emphasis on the role of color adjustment of the auxiliary color method used to strengthen the color level, or lead to attention, access to rich color The Such as the series of warm clothing bags, in the vicinity of the visual base to do a anti-color (cold color) of the new selling point, will play an eye-catching role. But the actual planning and treatment, we should pay attention to can not be overwhelming, can not blindly abuse.

  To ensure that the cost of clothing zipper bag design should be integrated products, objects, environment, materials and other factors, accurately grasp the appeal of the delivery of clothing bags, has reached the best packaging and display results.

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